NIKON D3000 1/5s Focal Length: 18.0mm f/10.0 ISO: 400 (M)
[SAR-uh may] -noun

  1. student
  2. trance addict
  3. travel junkie
  4. photographer
  5. aerial silks artist
  6. serendipiter

“You don’t reach Serendib by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere and lose your bearings… Serendipitously.”

I’m a ‘twenty-something’ Canadian student living by the beach in Kitsilano, British Columbia.

I am an aerial silks artist; I enjoy traveling, dancing, hiking, camping, volleyball, surfing, painting, and photography. I am rarely seen without my headphones on or stereo blasting. I have traditionally always been a rock girl, however I enjoy all music and recently discovered a love for Trance.

I endeavor to enjoy every minute of my life. I refuse to work jobs I do not love, which has lead me to working with children. I currently work in before and after school care, and I am attending Uni to become a teacher.

Children remind me to be spontaneous and enjoy the simple things in life. Things like jumping in puddles, singing in the rain, and stopping to breath in the fresh air. They inspire me to climb trees, build sandcastles, make snow angels, take risks, and laugh at myself.

I hope you enjoy looking at my life and my photos, please leave any feedback you may have as I am always learning!

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