A Decade Of SMae

A bullet point list of my life in ‘The Naughties’


  • Y2K scares proved unfounded as the world did not descend into chaos at the stroke of 12
  • As a wee 15 year old I started my first relationship
  • My Papa died on Feb 11th RIP
  • After my 16th birthday I moved into my first flat on my own
  • Started work as a cashier at Superstore
  • George W. Bush accepted the presidential nomination and dark descended on North America


  • My step-dad died on Feb 14th RIP
  • Moved up in the world by renting a nice apartment on the 9th floor of a high-rise
  • Graduated high school
  • Gordon Campbell became premier of British Columbia
  • The 9/11 attacks occurred
  • On December 16th, I lost my little brother and sister, Benjamin and Hannah in a house fire


  • Turned 19, legal age in BC
  • Coldplay released A Rush of Blood to the Head
  • Canada won gold in both the men’s and woman’s hockey finals at the Salt Lake City winter Olympics!
  • The U.S. invaded Afghanistan


  • Survived SARS
  • Saw my first gig, The Irish Rovers, at Massey Theatre New Westminster
  • Also saw Matthew Good, Coldplay, Pearl Jam + Idlewild and Radiohead
  • Saddam Hussein was captured
  • Brian and I went our separate ways
  • The Lechner family took me in and let me crash indefinitely
  • WCASS hired me full time
  • I moved into the basement of the ‘blue house’ and hosted many parties


  • Saw Broken Social Scene, Moneen, A Perfect Circle + The Mars Volta, Muse and My Morning Jacket
  • Quit my job at Superstore
  • Took a leave of absence from WCASS and travelled around Europe visiting: Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland,
    Austria, Germany, The Czech Republic and The Netherlands.  (This by the way was the most amazing time of my life to date!)
  • The NHL lockout started
  • I moved into a gorgeous high-rise apartment near the New Westminster Quay
  • My little brother Jonah was born
  • George Bush was re-elected and the dark remained


  • Started a 2nd job working at The Orange Room
  • Went to Arts County Fair
  • Saw …Trail of Dead + We Are Wolves, John Mellencamp + John Fogerty and Death Cab For Cutie
  • Completed my Douglas College Continuing Education certificate in School Aged Child Care
  • Attended various conferences and seminars on School Aged Child Care
  • Purchased a flight to Scotland on a whim and moved a week later
  • Saw Franz Ferdinand + The Editors and Black Mountain + Wolf Parade
  • Met Stewart and we started dating
  • Went to Treviso, Italy to be a nanny and the family were horrible rich snobs so I moved back to Scotland
  • Stewart and I got serious


  • Moved to Unterageri, Switzerland to work as a Nanny for an amazing Aussie family
  • Went on mini-breaks with Stewart to Paris, Brussels and Basel
  • Went to Glasgow for the Bon Jovi concert
  • Backpacked around Lucerne, Locarno and Lugano
  • Went back to Canada to obtain an ancestry visa for the UK
  • Stephen Harper was elected Prime Minister
  • Moved to Scotland, visa in hand
  • Stewart and I shacked up together
  • Started work as a manager before and after school care centre
  • We went to Crete for a holiday
  • Road an old Donkey
  • Ashley gave birth to my handsome nephew, Dylan Downey


  • Took Stew to meet my friends and family in Vancouver
  • Broke my pelvis and a couple ribs in a car crash that resulted in 3 months off and a career change
  • Caved to peer pressure and started using Facebook
  • Saw Paolo Nutini
  • Started work at ICS Home Learning as a telesales advisor
  • Went to Tunisia for a holiday
  • Rode a baby Camel
  • Bought a flat with Stewart in Glasgow


  • Renovated our flat
  • Completed the West Highland Way in 7 days!
  • Toured Scotland’s Western Isles
  • Saw Kylie Minogue, Paul Potts and The Pogues
  • Trevor Linden announced his retirement
  • Went to Vegas with my girls for the first half of Ashley’s Staggette
  • Spent 5 weeks in Canada for Ashley & Ken’s wedding
  • Dressed up as the Futurama gang for Halloween


  • Bush was finally ousted
  • Toured London twice and saw The Lion King & Dirty Dancing in the West End
  • Climbed the 3 Peaks, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike & Snowdon
  • Toured Wales
  • Went to T in the Park where we saw The Mars Volta + Maximo Park + Franz Ferdinand + Kings of Leon + Calvin Harris + Lady Gaga + Paolo Nutini + Friendly Fires + James + Katy Perry + Razorlight + The Killers + The Saturdays + The Script + Hockey + Bloc Party + Doves + Lily Allen + Pendulum + Snow Patrol + Blur
  • Also saw The Counting Crows, The Hold Steady, Coldplay + Jay-Z + White Lies, Hockey + Little Comets, Noah and The Whale, Camera Obscura, The Saw Doctors (twice!),  The Tragically Hip, The Pogues and The Bombay Bicycle Club.
  • Dressed up as She-Ra for Halloween
  • My Mum and Alex came to visit
  • Stayed in a Castle for a romantic get-away


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