Day Ninety Nine

NIKON D3000 3.0s Focal Length: 18.0mm f/10.0 ISO: 800 (M)

NIKON D3000 3.0s Focal Length: 18.0mm f/10.0 ISO: 800 (M)


Friday!! I am so excited to never have to work another Friday at my current job.  The office is so quite on Fridays it is unbearable…  The Clash of the Titans was OK, the special effects were great.

Time is flying by!  6 more days until I finish work, 10 more days till we do the Great Glen Way, 18 till our stuff gets shipped, 21 till our leaving nite oot, 22 till Barcelona and 33 till Canada!!!!

5 Positives for today:

  1. Last Friday at work!!!  Woohoo!
  2. Got to leave work an hour early.
  3. Went to see Clash of the Titans in 3D.
  4. Decided we are going to go to Barcelona for a couple days!
  5. Packed all my books for The Big Move!


5 Responses to "Day Ninety Nine"
  1. April 10th, 2010@12:36

    99 - Apr 9thI love the blue lighting in the windows on the left and the star flares coming off the street lights.

  2. April 10th, 2010@12:48

    99 - Apr 9thNice night shot.

  3. April 11th, 2010@03:05

    99 - Apr 9thWonderful lighting!

  4. April 11th, 2010@10:13

    99 - Apr 9thnice shot, ive been meaning to go up to the cinema to take some shots. do you know if you can get up to the top without actually going to see something?

  5. April 12th, 2010@19:39

    You could get up the stairs as they don’t check tickets until you get to the theatre doors.

    The Elevator has glass windows.

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