Day Ninety One

SAMSUNG ST500 1/45s Focal Length: 4.9mm f/3.5 ISO: 80

SAMSUNG ST500 1/45s Focal Length: 4.9mm f/3.5 ISO: 80


Yay!!! 4 1/2 days off and only 8 working days left before I leave!  Our trip to Skye was cancelled as the weather is really poor and its a very long drive to go hiking in the rain.  Instead we are going to head up to Stew’s parents house tomorrow and on Saturday I am going to go to Orkney (which was my first plan for the weekend) with some friends to belatedly celebrate Kayleigh’s birthday.

I thought I would do something Easter-ish for my photo and these mini-eggs are all I had.  I edited it in Lightroom after and it reminds me of something you would see in a comic book movie adaptation.

5 Positives for today:

  1. 4 Day Long Weekend!!!!
  2. Going to Orkney on Sat.
  3. Our flat passed the Energy Performance and Gas tests.
  4. Not going to drive for hours to go hiking in the rain/sleet/snow.
  5. The Sun Came Out!  (even though it was still COLD)


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  1. April 1st, 2010@09:20

    91 - Apr 1stGreat tones. Nice shot.

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