Day Forty Eight

NIKON D3000 1/60s Focal Length: 36.0mm f/8.0 ISO: 400

NIKON D3000 1/60s Focal Length: 36.0mm f/8.0 ISO: 400


Just another “Hump day”, although I agreed to work 4 hours on Sat so its really not the middle of the week yet for me.  I get time and a half for it and will be taking time owed so 6 hours off in March WoooHooo!

I am still reading The Lost Symbol, I am at chapter 33 as you can see.  I am really starting to get into it so I kinda wish I could have got this photo done earlier to go read!

I tried for ages to fool around with the aperture and focus area, the overall effect was quite similar to this however I cheated a bit with photoshop, blurring a couple of the words around the outside of my frame.

I don’t wear glasses to read, I need these for everything and I wear contact lenses when I don’t have them on.  It was just a neat idea I had for a photo.

My book is calling…


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  1. April 4th, 2010@10:50

    48 - Feb 17thVery effective – love the simplicity of the shot.

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