Day Forty Two

SAMSUNG ST500 1/6s Focal Length: 4.9mm f/3.5 ISO: 800

SAMSUNG ST500 1/6s Focal Length: 4.9mm f/3.5 ISO: 800


OK,  I had a terrible day at work and it is really starting to bug me that the Winter Olympics are in Vancouver (my hometown) and I am not there to enjoy it!  So when I got home I got out all my Canadian gear for tomorrow and went to turn the TV onto the 2010 Olympic Preview to set up what was going to be my “Day 42” photo only to discover that my TV is not working.

It turns out they did some work on our local transmitter so we have no channels, I am just praying that it is working again before the Opening Ceremonies!!

Anyway,  I was sitting on the couch pouting when I saw this ladybug crawling across my floor, I picked her up and put her on my bouquet and managed to get what I think is a damn good picture.  Now, I am sure it would have been better with my Nikon but the battery is dead so I put the Samsung in manual mode for this.

What do you all think?


2 Responses to "Day Forty Two"
  1. UserWayne MacKeigan
    February 13th, 2010@04:39

    Into Macro are we? Very nice.

  2. UserAshley Downey
    February 14th, 2010@01:24

    Love the pic!!!

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