Day Three Hundred & Sixty Five! – The End

NIKON D3000 | NIKKOR 18-55 @ 30.0mm | f/9.9 | ISO 400 | 1/125s | (M)

NIKON D3000 | NIKKOR 18-55 @ 30.0mm | f/9.9 | ISO 400 | 1/125s | (M)


An entire year of photos, DONE!

Thank you to Stewart for helping me along the way and not killing me. I also want to thank everyone that commented on my photos and encouraged me to keep at it.

I may continue next you, I am undecided. But I will not stop taking photos either way!

If you are just about to start this project I have 3 pointers:
1) Join flickr, even if you are planing to have your own blog.
2) Just take a photo everyday, it doesn’t have to be a piece of art.
3) Get a good flash, taking photos in the winter is hard without one.

I achieved my goal, I hope that inspires others to do the same.


5 Positives:

  1. Skyped with Ali & Cat.
  2. Reflected on 2010, Great Year!!
  3. Completed my 365 Project!
  4. In Canada for Hogmanay.
  5. Went to the beach.


  1. January 1st, 2011@01:42

    Congratulations!!! Awesome image to conclude with. I like how you were able to creatively include all your other shots. Have a great new year!

  2. January 1st, 2011@02:24

    Congrats and Happy New Year! Awesome finish!

  3. January 1st, 2011@02:27

    Congratulation! I hope you continue next year.

  4. UserCarla
    December 31st, 2010@18:35

    Well done Sarah, I’ve just been saying to mum, you have inspired my to try and do the same with my camera this year! Although I want some tips and advice from you!!!!!!!! I will skype you sometime soon to ask lots of questions! Happy New Year to you guys, hope you are having a great time! xxxxxx

  5. January 1st, 2011@02:45

    congrats! Wonderfully put together. Happy 2011!!!

  6. January 1st, 2011@02:55

    congrats! awesome jump.

  7. January 1st, 2011@03:13

    Congrats!! You’ve got some talent – I hope you continue the journey in whatever way feels right for you. What a great photo to end the project on!

  8. January 1st, 2011@03:16

    Happy New Year My Friend…….

  9. January 1st, 2011@08:01

    Wow, that’s VERY cool! Congrats.

  10. January 1st, 2011@10:32

    Congrats! Final pic very cool!

  11. January 1st, 2011@10:44


  12. January 1st, 2011@11:19

    great final shot, congratulations on your 365.

  13. UserGreg McMullintwit@gergtreble
    January 1st, 2011@04:35

    Congrats for completing! Its been a very good year.

  14. January 1st, 2011@15:03

    great way to bring it all together! congrats!

  15. January 1st, 2011@16:14

    Congrats on finishing your project, love how you fit in all the other shots – very cool!

  16. January 3rd, 2011@02:56


  17. January 5th, 2011@00:15

    Yay and congratulations! I love this shot, such a great idea and well executed! You’ve been blogged at the 365 Community:

  18. January 9th, 2011@05:55

    I wrapped up mine on the 31st too – isn’t it such a great feeling?

  19. January 10th, 2011@03:49

    Congrats!! You made it!! Hope next year is just as awesome!!

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