Day Two Hundred & Seventy Four


We had such a great night at Oktoberthirst! I was the designated driver so I did not drink much, but as it was a “beer tasting” even sip & spit was encouraged so it was great!

I left with a free glass, t-shirt, bracelet, key-chain and lots of coasters.

5 Positives:

  1. Worked in New West for an 8 hour shift.
  2. Went to Oktoberthirst.
  3. Ran into some highschool friends.
  4. Found a Raspberry Beer that I LOVE.
  5. Got lots of free swag.


One Response to "Day Two Hundred & Seventy Four"
  1. Useryoko
    October 11th, 2010@19:24

    LOVE IT!!! so much fun, i will totally be there next year!!!

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