Day Two Hundred & Fifty Three

iPhone lV Hipstamatic (No EXIF data available)

iPhone lV Hipstamatic (No EXIF data available)


We got a new car today!!!! It is a 94 Toyota Tersel, not brand new but new to us! I would highly recommend Milani Auto Sales if you are looking for a vehicle in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

I forgot to photograph the car so here is a picture I took of my niece Shayla with my new Hipstamatic iPhone app.

5 Positives:

  1. Got a new used car!!!!!
  2. ICBC decided that I had some sort of learner credit and did not take away my no claims!
  3. Movie night with the gals (watched The Breakup), Tracy made yummy brownies.
  4. Had a great catch-up with Alex.
  5. Bonded with Shayla, who giggles now and is sooo cute.


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