Day One Hundred & Ninety

SAMSUNG ST500 1/180s Focal Length: 4.9mm f/9.1 ISO: 80 (A)

SAMSUNG ST500 1/180s Focal Length: 4.9mm f/9.1 ISO: 80 (A)


Yay our stuff arrived from Scotland today!!!!! Its all piled up in our living-room! 😀

I got to spend the day at Spanish Banks with work, there was a huge sandcastle competition that I got the kids registered for and we made a giant octopus!

This is me relaxing on my lunch break 🙂

5 Positives:

  1. Our stuff finally got here!!!!
  2. Spent the day at Spanish Banks.
  3. Built a sandcastle.
  4. Had an amazing lunch break.
  5. Unpacked some!!!

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4 Responses to "Day One Hundred & Ninety"
  1. Useralex jones
    July 12th, 2010@01:40

    jealous! looks beautiful!

  2. July 12th, 2010@19:38

    Nice photo, it looks relaxing there. No sandcastle images, huh?

  3. July 13th, 2010@02:18

    The beach… the water park… what job do you have again?? ANd how can I get it??

  4. July 16th, 2010@07:04

    I work in School Age Child Care at a kids summer camp!!! Love it!

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