Day One Hundred & Twenty Nine

NIKON D3000 1/30s Focal Length: 35.0mm f/9.0 ISO: 100

NIKON D3000 1/30s Focal Length: 35.0mm f/9.0 ISO: 100


Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful Mum and all the other Mummies out there!!!

I spent all day staring at my ring again and I finally got a picture for everyone!  We also got to say bye to some of Stewart’s relatives.  I can’t believe we will be in Canada in 3 days!!

5 Positives for today:

  1. Went to see the house that my future brother-in-law Bryan is building.
  2. Sorted some stuff for our tenants.
  3. Got to visit with Stew’s Aunt and Cousins.
  4. Received another engagement gift (it never even crossed my mind we would get any!)
  5. Had a yummy homemade curry dinner.


  1. Useralex jones
    May 9th, 2010@22:08

    absolutely gorgeous Sarah!!!! xoxo

  2. May 10th, 2010@00:01

    Beautiful ring 😀 Congrats once again 😀

  3. UserAshley
    May 10th, 2010@04:28

    Beautiful Ring =)

  4. May 10th, 2010@17:13

    Beautiful ring.

  5. May 10th, 2010@17:13


  6. May 10th, 2010@22:17

    Thank you!!!

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