Day One Hundred & Sixteen

NIKON D3000 1/20s Focal Length: 35.0mm f/5.0 ISO: 200 (M)

NIKON D3000 1/20s Focal Length: 35.0mm f/5.0 ISO: 200 (M)


Our stuff gets shipped tomorrow!! So much stuff to pack, I really don’t know where we got it all, we have been packing all day! This picture is of a form we need to fill out itemizing all our stuff for Canada customs. I am so tired now that I need to stop and get up early to finish tomorrow. There is only a tiny bit of packing and the paperwork to do now and they don’t come till the afternoon. I hope we get it done on time though!!

5 Positives for today:

  1. Canucks knocked the Kings out WOOHOO!!! Round 2 here we come!
  2. Posted all our Great Glen Way Pictures to my Photo Gallery and Flickr.
  3. Threw out tons of junk.
  4. Read through some old references and projects I did with the kids I used to work with, it was a nice trip down memory lane.
  5. Packed (almost done!)


2 Responses to "Day One Hundred & Sixteen"
  1. April 26th, 2010@23:19

    such a big move but welcome home!

  2. April 27th, 2010@02:41

    Wow – heading home – best of luck with the move!!

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